Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

Each year I try to come up with a special classroom birthday ritual.  This year’s ritual has three parts.

1.   On every child or staff member’s birthday, we each make the birthday person a mini birthday card.  (Tip:  Use a website like dltk-kids for free printable cards.)  See the free printable cards, simply print and cut into third then fold like a card.)  Typically, the teachers write a little message in their cards to the students and then the students draw a picture of what they hope the child gets for their birthday and then sign it.  After each child is done making their card they put it in a small birthday gift bag.  (Money Saving Tip: You can get small birthday gift bags 3 for $1 at most dollar stores!)  The class then presents the gift bag filled with classmade cards.

2.   At snack time, the birthday child blows out the candles on our pretend birthday cake. As shown in the picture, it is a small circular box painted like a cake. I cut several holes in the lid to put a numeral candle in the cake to represent the child’s age.  I also add candles to count out corresponding to the child's age.  (We don’t light the candles...we just pretend!)

The Birthday Cake

3.  Lastly, the birthday student is presented with a gift from the teachers.  The gift is given to the student off of our bulletin board display. Each box represents a month and opens easily without unwrapping it so it can be put back up for future birthdays.  You can read more in the Birthday Bulletin Board in an earlier posting.  

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