Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Maximizing Space

In early childhood, as in special education, we are always looking for more storage.  There are so many manipulatives, theme unit materials, and other teaching & learning tools...but never enough space!  

After unpacking my new classroom, I realized I was definitely going to need more space. I began storing stuff under our classroom sink.  

Pre-Makeover Storage Area

To make it less visually distracting and off limits to the students, I created a towel covering.  I simply put soft heavy-duty Velcro along the edge of the counter top. Then I put rough Velcro along the edge of a towel to create a towel cabinet.  For durability, I added a line of hot glue to the towel before attaching the rough velcro.  The glue also provides extra support if the towels get wet.   (Note: If you are a sewer, you could also sew on the velcro.)  

Post-Makeover Storage Area
TIP:  Choose a non-distracting color of towel.  Navy blue works well.

Instructor Insight:  For a more accessible opening, have two towels meet in the front-middle of the counter top like actual cabinet doors.

What creative strategies do you use to maximize space in your classroom?


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