Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Pretend Play in an ECSE Classroom

In our pretend play center during the Christmas season, we create a space where the kids can decorate and prepare for Christmas.  In the wardrobe at the center, I put a small Christmas tree, ornaments to decorate the tree, Christmas cookie cutters and cookie sheets, a CD player and Christmas Cd's, Christmas cards, a wreath, stockings and stocking hooks that sit on the shelf, and Christmas clothes for the baby dolls and students (that I purchased for a dollar during a after-season sale).  

Then I have the children get into the holiday spirit during pretend play by having them prepare for Christmas using this class-made story. 

Each page in the story is read to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb".  
For example:
Christmas time is coming, coming, coming,
Christmas time is coming,
Let’s decorate the tree. 
Another versus is: 
Let’s hang the stockings, Let’s bake Christmas Cookies, Let’s Play Christmas Music, Let’s write Christmas cards, Let’s hang the wreath, Let’s dress up real nice. 
This activity gives our students an opportunity to take on ownership of decorating and celebrating the season. 

I am going to try and add an element this year.  On the last day of school before Winter Break, we always have a Christmas fun day.  On that day this year, the students will use the decorations and items they used in the pretend play center to decorate the classroom for our party.  

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