Thursday, January 24, 2013

Task Box Countdown: Task Box # 6 - Magnetic Sort

Continuing on the Task Box Countdown is this clever little activity...

Are you and your students getting tired of the same old sorting tasks?  (Yep, me too!) Well, here's a new idea. It's simple.  Get an old divided tackle box container.  Gather nails, screws, hooks, bolts, and other magnetic parts from around your house.  Then,  hot glue one of each part onto the bottom of different tackle box compartments.  (It doesn’t look real pretty but it's durable and makes for an easy object match-to-match sorting activity.)

Instructor's Insight:  For older students, take a permanent marker and write the names of the various magnetic parts on the bottom of each compartment so it becomes a reading task or draw images of the items to create an object-to-picture sort. 

Next, provide your students with a magnetic wand.  You can purchase them at any teacher supply store.  (I purchased mine for super cheap at Discount School Supply.)  Spread the magnetic items on the floor or table. Let your students grab them with a magnetic wand and sort them.

Here's my son giving this task box a shot!

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