Tuesday, February 26, 2013

iPad Divider: Creating Individual Work Spaces

Last year, I started a system where students would work at direct instruction in small groups of two or three students.   I had each student work one-on-one with me while their peers reviewed concepts and skills on the iPad. 

This system was extremely helpful because it gave me an opportunity to work individually with a student on specific academic skills like writing his/her name and labeling colors, shapes, numbers and letters.

However, there was a small problem with this system.  Because the iPad is highly motivating and interesting to children, students working with me would be easily distracted by the students working on the iPad.  I couldn't move the students who were working on the iPad because they often need support in using it, especially in transitioning from one app to another.

Rework:   I developed visuals to help students focus on both their individual teacher instruction and iPad work times.  The visuals are placed on the inside & outside of a binder.  The binder is then propped up to divide the work space for the children.  

Quiet Prompts are taped to the inside cover of the binder & 
reminds the student to "Quietly Work on iPad".
Listen & Work prompts are slid into the binder's clear cover &
reminds the student to focus on individualized teacher instruction.  

Here is a picture of my boys using the visual. Payton worked 
on the iPad, while EJ & I made a birthday card for daddy.

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