Thursday, February 14, 2013

Task Box Countdown: Task Box # 9 - Magnetic Answers

This taskbox is an oldie...but goodie!  I originally created this activity while in college, as a supplement to a magnetic theme I submitted for a thematic unit assignment. It was long before I knew anything about task boxes and work systems.  But makes for an excellent task box because it could easily be used for a variety of learning concepts. 

Simply make a worksheet of questions with Yes/No  answers.

Then, glue the worksheet to the inside of a file folder.  (Teacher's Tip: Laminate the worksheet before gluing it to the file folder for added durability.) Next, program the back of the file folder to showcase the correct answers by hot gluing circle magnets to the back of the folder directly behind the correct answers.  Finally, glue another file folder over the top of the magnets to hide the answers. 

Provide your students with magnetic dots to answer the questions.  They simply read the question and cover the correct answer with a magnet.  It is a fun self-correcting activity that could be used for any age to review concepts or for test prep.


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