Thursday, April 11, 2013

Teaching Students to Come In from the Outdoors

Coming in from outdoors has always been a challenge for some of my students.  To support them with this challenge, I created a social story about how to come in from outdoors.

As you can see, this story has been well-read.  It's looking a little rough these days!

The story reads:

During outside time. . . (pic of playground)
I play with my friends.  (pic of friends)
We go on the slide, (pic of slide)
We swing. . . (pic of swing)
And we run.  (pic of someone running)
When the whistle blows (pic of whistle)
We line up (pic of lining up)
If I choose to run and not line up (pic of girl running and friends lined up with a no symbol on top of it)
I do not get to play as much the next day, I have to sit in the line-up early circle.  (pic of someone sitting)
So I am safely waiting to go inside. (pic of someone waiting)

We have used the story with several kids and it works well.  It provides a visual of what they need to do and also offers a consequence and boundary for the future without the students missing out on the much needed gross motor-free play.  

Here's a picture of the line-up line & the circle where students
must wait if they did not line up properly on the previous day.


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