Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rolling Back to School

With the new school year right around the corner, I wanted to share this fun back to school gift idea.  I made it for my son’s daycare friends, but you could make it for your own children, your students or teaching staff. 

All you need are: Rolos, scissors, tape, glue stick, Sharpie marker and this template

First, open the template and change the wording for the appropriate grade level for the receiver of your gift and print it.  

Next, cut the pencil template out and remove the paper wrapper on your Rolos.  Tape the end of the template in the middle of the foiled package of the Rolos. 

Then, wrap the template around the Rolos and use a glue stick to seal it.  

Cut slits along the pink end of the template to make the eraser part. 

Fold the paper down and tape it to make the eraser. 

Now for the tricky part, cut a slit on the tan side of the template, then wrap it like a cone and seal the tip with tape.  

Mine didn’t look perfect but you can tell it is a pencil! :)

Follow up by coloring the tip of the tape with a black Sharpie marker to represent the lead of the pencil. 

And there you have it .... a candy pencil to roll into the new school year!  Best wishes with   your back to school preparation!  I have to run & finish mine.  So much to do and so little time before the school year begins!!  Is it just me or do the summers get shorter with each passing year?

Post Update:  Okay...so I thought this was a "Lindy Original" until I saw another version of the Rolo pencil as I was pinterest browsing.  In full disclosure, it's very well possible I was inspired by pinterest on this one!!  

Bonus:  Here are a few other versions of the Rolo pencil I have found since writing this post:  Glue Sticks and Tape,  Thrifty and Thriving and Thoughts that Stick

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