Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Girlie Tasks for Work Basket Wednesday!

I have to say, I was some what of a giddy little school girl putting this month's tasks and work baskets together. Being the mom of two boys and the teacher of many preschool boys with special needs, it was a dream to shop for 'girlie' things at Dollar Tree!

So without further ado, I give you 4 girlie work basket ideas with 12 task variations.  Just purchase these 7 Dollar Tree items: a pink and purple tea set, fabric pony tail holders, day of the week princess rings, pink and purple party favor rings, a Strawberry Shortcake piggy bank, a foam number princess puzzle and a set of two 5 inches Styrofoam circles--plus plastic heart barrettes that are not pictured.   

I added Velcro coins to the pink and purple tea set to create an assembly task that works on matching with one to one correspondence.
You can create six variations of this task by adding letters, numbers, shapes or colors using a Vis-à-vis marker or permanent marker to each plate and each cup for matching practice.  TIP: the permanent marker obviously stays on better, if you wish to use permanent you are still able to change out the concepts by cleaning the tea set with oops cleaner or nail polish remover. 
Next up a simple put in task with Strawberry Shortcake!
And 2 variations for Miss Shortcake using pony tail holders, 2 strips of colored felt, and plastic heart barrettes also from Dollar Tree but unfortunately not pictured above in items purchased. 
Task one: use fine motor skills to stretch pony tails holders over the canister for Strawberry Shortcake hair.
Task two: cut out two strips of felt and stick them in the slit in the top of the canister.  Then have students put barrettes on the felt using fine motor and sorting skills. 
You can also do a two step direction put in task by having an all done can and the bowl of barrettes.  "close the barrette then put in all done."
Next up a ring put in--  Either errorless with one bowl of rings and one container for putting in or a sorting put in task with both the pink and purple rings using the color ring labels that you can find on my Teachers Pay Teachers store
Variation: add a popsicle stick to the top of the container and have students put on instead of putting  in. 
Need more?  use the day of the week princess rings and circle Styrofoam for practicing one to one correspondence.
Or print the day of the week ring visual, and circle with the days of the week on it from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Cut them out and glue the circle to the 5 inch Styrofoam circle. Then have the student assign the rings to the correct day of the week based on the visual.
For readers, print the visual list to assign the rings to the correct day of the week. 
And one last activity before I sign off, it is not a work task put instead a fun memory game using the foam numbered princess puzzles, and calling cards from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Cut the cards out and ask students to put the puzzle piece together in the numbered order you called out. Then turn the card over to the let them to check to see if they were right.  You can watch a video below of my son and I playing the game.  He wants you to be sure to know, he is not a girl though:)

There are a variety of levels in the card set, 3 numbers in order, 4 numbers in order, 3 random numbers and 4 random numbers.   
So there you have it, 4 girlie work tasks, with 12 variations-- PLUS a fun memory game!  Be sure to come back next month when I get back in my element and share work baskets and tasks for boys:)
But in the meantime, do you have any ideas for making the foam princess puzzle into a work task?  I came up with the fun memory game in lieu of a workbasket because I could think of a good workbasket but I know there has got to be one out there for these cool puzzle pieces.  Please post your ideas below.  (Dollar Tree has boy versions of this puzzle too:)
Happy Dollar Tree Shopping and Workbasket Making!

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  1. So grateful for these Wednesdays Workbaskets; I know a little girl that would like these tasks. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Do you have the visuals for the princess puzzle that they have to put 3 numbers together? We have that same puzzle in our room. Thanks! My email is

    1. Yep! Just go to my Teachers Pay Teachers page at this link and download them. They are FREE;)

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