Monday, December 21, 2015

Putting it All Into Perspective

Tis' the season for hussle and bussle as the first semester comes to an end with grade cards turned in and happy little students leaving the building with homemade presents for their families in hand. 

You close the classroom door with exhaustion and a little frustration as you had high hopes of  completing the lesson plans and leaving the classroom ready to go for 2016.  But instead you turn off the lights to crumbs left from holiday snacks and a pile of items that need to be done before the students return for another year!

As you walk down the hall, you reassure yourselves, that it will get done.  You can come up after Christmas and the to do list from home is completed as it has been neglected since the school year begun.  Which unfortunately leads you to resent the holiday's festivities with thoughts like, if only I could skip that holiday party, or not wrap those presents then I would have time to get some real stuff done!" 

But instead you put on a smile and head to the party for Christmas cheer, where much to your surprise you realize this is just what your body needed a rejuvenating, time with family and friends full of laughs and good times.   It reminds you of what life is truly about and you realize. . .

Life can get pretty chaotic this time of the year and reminders like this really put things into perspective.  Yes, our jobs are hard, there is always a to do list, and one more thing to do.  But in what other profession do you get two weeks off to re-evaluation, restructure and rejuvenate your life before ringing in the new year. 

So with that thought in mind, I encourage you to take sometime for yourself throughout winter break.  

Whatever is on your to do lists is not as important YOU!  Believe me it can wait.  Your students need your whole body and soul to come back re-energized with the passion, and spirit you enter the profession with so many years ago!

If you need a few more quotes like these to gain prospective or get your positive energy flowing, feel free to print a few or all of these FREEBIES.  To be the positive light in your classroom, and school hang them by your desk, your mirror, your classroom door, the staff lounge, or even the staff bathroom:) 

Cheers to a job well done in 2015 and all that is to come in 2016!


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