Saturday, January 14, 2017

Milk Delivery with an Academic Twist

Several months ago,  I shared a few of my favorite classroom jobs.  Today I bring you one more jobs- Milk Count!

Originally, my students were doing one to one correspondence with the milk visual below that sat inside dish tubs.  Students would deliver the dish tubs to the three kindergarten classrooms at snack using our delivery cart.  (NOTE: There are more than 12 students in each kindergarten class but only those that choose to pay for milk do 'special snack milk'.)

At semester I realized it was time for a revamp.  Although the students the job was designed for have not mastered one to one correspondence, with 100% accuracy they needed a change.  After a little brainstorming with my friend Tasha, we came up with this.

Now my students are able to work on looking at a chart for information. . .

Then transferring that information to a number line on our delivery cart made of duct tape and a permanent marker. (Note the number line only goes to 10 so our students have an opportunity to do real world addition as they count out snack for Kindergarten C since they need 12 milks.  Also note the numbers on the chart are written with a vis-a-v so my staff and I are able to change the numbers on the count if students are absent or if we want them to use a different set of numbers to get to 12 as many of my students will start to memorize that 7+5 is 12.)    

After finding the number they need on the duct tape number line they mark it with a bulldog clip.  

The students then simply line milk up to that number.   Next they have a second opportunity to count as they errorless-ly put the milk lined up on the number line into the three milk tubs (one for each classroom- Kindergarten A, Kindergarten B and Kindergarten C).  

The milk then gets put in our fridge until snack time.  Then our kindergartners deliver the milk to the corresponding classrooms yet another opportunity for academics as they match milk tub A with classroom A, and so on and so forth.  

Our delivery cart gets used for many other jobs throughout the day!  The cart is simply a repurposed technology cart that I added weights to- to help ground the kids, keep them from going to fast and give them some sensory input!  Stay tuned for more ideas using the cart as well as another job Tasha and I modified for this semester.

Best wishes, Lindy


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