Sunday, July 21, 2013

7 Day Work Task Challenge - Day 7: Counting, Sorting, & Pincer Grasp

Day 7 of the week-long work task challenge and I am taking it easy!  A wonderful friend, Vickie Unruh, gave me this medicine tower. Here it is on amazon, but I believe she said she found it at a dollar store.

I simply added sticker dots with numbers to each section. Then, the students can screw them together in numerical order. 

Or they can count out that many pony beads, put them in the section and screw the section to the next color. 

This can be done with a single color bead to demonstrate the one-to-one correspondence counting skill.  

Or you could use beads that correspond to the color of each container to make it an errorless learning activity.  

I also added an all done tube. The students will put the colored tower inside the tube prior to putting it in the finished hamper.  

Instructor's Insight: In my experience, students tend to toss their tasks into the all done hamper, in which case I foresee the medicine tower shattering as it lands.  As much as we train students to sit things in carefully, it doesn’t always happen so the tube will insure the tower’s safety.

One more side note, I used the clear container of the tower to hold the beads, this forces students to use a pincer grasp to grab each bead from the container as it's small and they can’t drag the beads to the side of it and pull them out as easy.  It also makes the task store itself which is a nice feature. 

Love the medicine tower!  Vickie, thank you for donating it for the final task number of the 7 Day Work Task Challenge.

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