Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Three Quick and Easy Easter Activities

I was planning to get this Easter post out sooner so you could use it in your Easter lesson planning, but things didn't go as planned so instead I am hoping I will be giving you all the PRINTABLES necessary to add these three quick and easy Easter activities to your lessons in a snap!

First up a fun math activity called How many eggs in your basket? Watch the video below to see how to play.   

All you need is the printable above, an egg stamp (I found my in the Easter section at Wal-Mart last year), and a number and/or dot die. 

If you have both a number and dot die you can differentiate instruction very easily, like I did in the video.  EJ can read numbers so I used a number die with him. Payt cannot so I used a dot die with him until the end when I tried the die I made that had numbers one through three, the numbers he has mastered thus far. 

TIP:You can make your own dice with a variety of numbers, colors, letter, shapes or even sight words on them by using a sharpie and one inch wood or foam cubes.  The foam ones are nice because they roll quietly. 

Second up a fun science and math activity called What do you hear inside the egg?  Watch the video below to see how to play. 

All you need for this game is the printable above, (a dry eraser marker and page protector if you plan to reuse the printable), a medium sized plastic egg, and small items to put in the egg for guessing. 

The first year I did this activity I gathered two of every item I was going to put in the egg to make the visual below so my students had a concrete support to make a guess as to what they thought was  in the egg.

I still use this with some of my really concrete thinkers put I moved on to the version below for those that can generalize between the actual item and an icon drawing of the item. 

This also services as an aided language board for students who need it to support their communication. 

Last up, Shake and Listen Eggs  Watch the video below to see how to play.

All you need for this game is the printable above, plastic eggs in the colors that are on the printable, super glue, rice, and tongue depressors. 

To make the egg shakers simply put a small amount of rice in one side of the egg and super glue the other half on top. 

So there you have it 3 quick, easy and FUN Easter activities.  Happy Easter!



  1. I love all three activities and plan to use every one of them. Thank you so much and thank you for adding the videos. They are helpful.

    1. Glad you like them Pennie! Stay tuned there is more to come;)

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