Sunday, March 22, 2015

Communication for Centers

In writing a guest post for PreK Pages a few weeks back regarding behavior and communication, I realized it was time for an upgrade.  My classroom had huge success with the original framed center words as featured in previous posts, but just as little Miss Lilly needed more words on her communication cuff as discussed in a personalizing communication post I did last fall.  It is time to give those who are using my center words more WORDS! 

So without further ado, I give you multiple pages for the pretend play, block, art and writing centers:  

You can bind the multi-page center specific communication systems as a book:

Or simply put them in a clear plastic picture frame as the tabs on the side give students the opportunity to expand their vocabulary and talk about a variety of things at each center. 

The possibilities are endless!  As you can see in the video below with my boys, one using the block book words and the other using the writing word frame. 


Both boys have typically developing language for their ages, the boys and I just giving you examples as it can feel awkward to use pictures to talk at first.  But like I have mentioned in many posts in the past, we must MODEL language with pictures in order for the pictures to become meaningful communication for our limited language learners. 

In my new center mini books and frames I have added color coded backgrounds to help students and staff navigate the systems better.  For example if you want to build at the block center then you pull out or turn to the orange tab to choose a place to build.  If you want to add people, dinosaurs, farm animals, vehicles or zoo animals to the structure you built then you pull out or turn to the corresponding colored tab.  Again, this may seem awkward at first but as you get to know the placement of where words are it becomes more fluent. 

Also note you can start out small by only offering a few topics like I did in the block video. This is done easily by marking off the items that are not a choose for the day using a dry erase marker.    

To purchase these mini books head over to my teachers pay teachers store.  Also included in the updated center words are one page center words for the technology center (iPads and/or computers), the library center, table toys, and a sand and water table.

For those of you who are new to my blog, you might find it helpful to read more about my classroom's journey with aided language boards here.  If you are new to aided language boards, my products on teachers pay teachers give you sample phrases of how you can model communication with them. 

Aided language boards can truly benefit so many.  All children are visual learners by having pictures of the words you say they can create a visual in their mind that supports the expansion of their language and literacy skills.  When used with consistency, the boards can help children who are non verbal or have limited expressive language for a variety of reasons, including lack of exposure, communication delays, developmental disabilities or because they are learning English as a second language. 

Once a again happy communicating!  Until next time, Best Wishes!


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