Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Birthday Bulletin Board

Birthday Bulletin Board
Tip:  Put the title of your bulletin board below the boxes
to keep the gifts above eye level & hand reach.

For this year’s birthday bulletin board, I saved my monthly sample boxes from Birchbox. They are small boxes that open like a shoebox.  You can get similar square or rectangle paper mache boxes at Hobby Lobby for $1-$3 depending on what size you want.  (Here's the link.)

Close-up of April's Gift Box

Then simply wrap the boxes with scrapbook paper or wrapping paper.  I chose to use scrapbook paper from a pattern pack of paper so that each box could be wrapped in a different pattern but still have the same color scheme.  This was cheaper than purchasing 12 different types of wrapping paper.  

Wrap the lids and bottoms of the boxes separately so they can be opened on each child’s birthday.  Then add a colorful bow. (Money Saver: You can get a pack of bows really cheap right after Christmas at discount stores.  I often buy several packs after Christmas for the following year's parent gifts, student gifts and to use in sorting and pattern games.)  

Next write a month on each box and add gift tags with student names, birthdates and a picture of the student if your students aren’t readers yet.  To mount the boxes on your bulletin board, open them and thumb tack the bottoms to the board.  The boxes pull right off the bulletin board for each birthday and can be easily remounted to the display until the next student birthday.  

Inside the birthday boxes this year, there are "Happy Birthday" bracelets and stickers from Really Good Stuff.  (See this link.)

Here is my son, EJ, reenacting a student's delight upon opening the gift boxes.
(He's quite the little actor!)