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  • Making Learning Fun -- Site is great for thematic unit planning in preschool.  Lots of ideas and FREE printables!!!
  • Kid Soup -- A yearly subscription gives you tons of printables, worksheets, and booklets to print regarding any theme you would ever want to teach
  • ABC Mouse --  Great website for our computer center--- wonderful hands on games for students that are highly educational and fun.  It is free for educators and a small subscription cost for parents.  
  • Task Galore --  A wonderful resource for building your classroom's workbox collection. 
  • Conscious Discipline -- Our classroom utilizes discipline strategies & calming techniques developed by the founder of Conscious Discipline, Dr. Becky Bailey.  It is a comprehensive self-regulation program that integrates social-emotional learning.
  • Paula Kluth --  A website designed to support inclusive classrooms and communities.  Paula Kluth is the author of several books about strategies for support and including students with a variety of needs.  Her website and blog share wonderful tips, ideas and resources for working with special needs students. 
  • Aspergers Autism Publishing Company of Shawnee Mission, KS -- They publish a variety of books, videos, and other materials regarding Autism.  I have bought several of their resources and have benefited from all of them. 
  • Watch Time Pass -- This is a website where you can purchase sand timers in various colors, sizes and amounts.  They work great for helping kids transition from one activity to the next or extend the amount of time they have to play or work at a less desirable area.  They are made by a mother with a special needs child.
  • Autism Speaks -- This is a well-known website that I often go to for support and to learn more about the latest research & happenings on Autism. 


    • "How do I teach this kid?"  by Kimberly A. Henry  --  This was the very first book I read after taking the ECSE teaching position.  It's a lifesaver!