Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Task Box: Toys vs. Tools

Check out this clever task box that helps children working on the skill of sorting at a whole new level. They have to determine what is a toy and what is a tool.  

We discuss the difference between a toy and tool.  We describe a toy as being something we play with and a tool as being something moms, dads, and teachers use to work.  Examples of  toys are the obvious—blocks, Lego's, books, cars, action figures, dolls,etc.  Examples of tools include adult scissors (taped shut), permanent marker, keys, butter knife, fork, an empty bottle of cleaner, etc. 

It's a simple, effective task that addresses safety rules while working on sorting skills simultaneously!!  Home Adaption:  This is a really effective exercise at home as well!!  

Stay tuned...Starting with this Thursday's blog, I will begin sharing my classroom's Thanksgiving-themed activities!!  

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