Thursday, January 31, 2013

Task Box Countdown: Task Box # 7 - Lid Color Sorting

This is one of my most recent task boxes.  In full disclosure, I actually came across it at Walgreens quite by accident!  I was there looking for marked down items during the post-Christmas sale when I spotted these colored contact lens cases.  (You know you are a special education teacher when you spot something odd and immediately purchase it for your classroom!)  Anyway, it was a "buy one, get one have ½ off" sale... SCORE!!  So I purchased one set of six for $6.00 and got the other set of six for $3.00!  I didn’t realize I would actually need both sets until I got home. 

When I got home and opened my amazing purchase, I realized it could actually have two levels.  Students could work on self-help, fine motor, and color matching skills by screwing on two matching colored lids. 

Or by adding the other set of cases, the students could work on screwing on the lids using two attributes color and letter.  Like all contact lens cases, each lid has L or R on it. I simply mixed the two sets up so higher level  students can work on making a letter and color match at the same time
What an easy multi-purpose task box to throw together!!  You could even have students work on unscrewing the lids if you choose.  I find that simple tasks like this are the best! They piqued student interest, work on important self-help skills and support student independence and self-confidence because they are completing these task boxes all by themselves!

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