Thursday, February 7, 2013

Task Box Countdown: Task Box # 8 - Drawing a Self-Portrait

Each month my students draw self-portraits to demonstrate their handwriting and problem solving skills development.  We hang them in slicker sheets above the direct instruction table and share them with parents at parent-teacher conferences & IEP meetings.  

After each month’s drawing, we slip the students' work into the front of the slicker sheet so their most current work is displayed.  We also pass them along to the students’ next teacher when they transition to kindergarten. 

To support their progress and provide them with the same consistent visuals each month, I created a series of eight step-by-step cards.  The visuals give the students a starting place to work from because most of our students do not have the thought process to even begin drawing themselves.  The goal is that the visuals are no longer needed by the time they leave our program.  We use the technique of Mat Man from the Handwriting without Tears   program to narrate the process of drawing of self-portraits.  This allows us to use the same verbal prompts each month.  

Self-Portrait Instruction Series 

Step 1:  Make a mat for your body.

Step 2:  Add a circle head on top of the mat.

Step 3:  Add a face on the head (little curve mouth,
ears, eyes, and nose). What else can you add to your face?

Step 4:  Add two big lines for arms.

Step 5:  Add little lines for hands & fingers.

Step 6:  Add 2 big lines for legs.

Step 7:  Add 2 little lines for feet.
Step 8:  Add personal touches - hair, shirt designs,
eyebrows, shoes, etc.      
Teacher's tip:  Have students write their names in a rectangle box at the top of the page each month to track handwriting progress too. 

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