Thursday, April 4, 2013

Personalized Piggy Banks: Great Homemade Baby Shower Gift

Welcome to the world, Baby Jett!!  

It is a tradition in our classroom that whenever a staff person has a baby, we make their child a personalized piggy bank.  Miss Molly, our wonderful para from last year had a baby two months ago and I had to share the students’ piggy bank masterpiece!  

Each student put a thumbprint on the piggy bank then I made their thumbprints into bears (since we call our class the "Buddy Bears").  Below each bear, I put the name of the student that made the thumbprint.  In the middle of the bank,  I added “'Thumb’body thinks you are ‘bear’y special!”  

A special thank you goes out to our local pottery store Pottery Works and Pam Fellers for always being so good to our classroom.  Whenever we have a special project in mind, Pam gives me ideas and is willing to accommodate our needs by letting us check out the paints.  She also helps us fire the painted ceramics.  Thanks, Pam!!! You are wonderful!!! Here's 'a link to her Facebook page.  

Teacher's Tip:  Don’t have a pottery store near you?  You can purchase a ceramic piggy bank in the craft department at Wal-mart for your students or children to paint.  Here is the link

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