Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7 Day Work Task Challenge - Day 2: Matching & Fine Motor Skills

As my son & I raided the cabinets for random lids that snap closed for Day 1's task box, another task came to mind.  I can’t remember where I originally saw it, but it's a great one.  (If it came from you, please let me know I would love to give you credit for it.)  Anyway, it's matching up and screwing on various lids. 

I simply collected six travel-sized containers with lids and traced the bottom of each of them on one of my favorite reusable boxes, a Birchbox.  Then, I used an exacto knife to cut out the openings for each container. And voilĂ  ... a new matching & fine motor skill task that works on functional self-help skills, too!!

My favorite part about this task is that it is compact and the lid of the box serves as a place to hold all the container lids. This element structures the task and makes it easy for students to keep track of the pieces.  I simply attached some velcro to the side to keep both box pieces together. And, it literally cost me nothing!! Score.

What other household items could be repurposed as task boxes?  Do you have a clever, cheap task idea you'd like to share?  You are welcome to share them on my Facebook Page.  (Teacher's wallets worldwide would thank you!)

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