Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas for Birthdays, Artwork, and More!

Last year’s birthday bulletin board continues to be my most popular post. With great excitement, I want to share what I came up with for this year! I'm super proud of how it turned out!!   

My inspiration for the bulletin board came from a pinterest find shared by Mrs. Berg over at First Grade School Box .  She decorated a photo frame for her students to take a picture in on the first day of school.  Love it, Mrs. Berg!! Thanks for the great idea.

I took the idea and created a photo frame to use on birthdays. 

I purchased a 14 x 11 picture frame and painted it with chalkboard paint left over from my sons’ playroom.  Teacher's Tip: By painting it with chalkboard paint, I am able to personalize the frame with each student's name on his/her birthday.  

Then, I hot glued foam letters to spell "Happy Birthday".  I looked for fun wood letters like the ones Mrs. Berg used for her first day of school frame, but couldn’t find any small enough for my frame. Instead, I did find a cool wooden crown. I painted it green and then covered it with clear chalkboard paint.  Clear chalkboard paint can be found at any craft store.  I was thrilled when I came across this. . . ohh, the possibilities!!! :) 

I added velcro dots to pom-poms so that they will adhere to the crown and create a one-to-one correspondence counting activity on each student's birthday.    I am able to write "3rd", "4th" or "5th birthday" on the crown with chalk.

Next, I purchased a $2.00 wreath hanger from Wal-Mart to hang the frame on my bulletin board.  I then stapled some birthday hats and ribbon alongside the frame.  I also added colored paper clips to hang the photos of my students using the frame on their birthday.  

To make the bulletin board functional, I stapled a chart for student birthdays behind the frame. You can find the template for the chart on the Considerate Classroom boardmaker share group.  

I changed the location of my birthday bulletin board this year.   It's now located where the kids line up so we can quiz them about their birth dates or ask them questions like "Whose birthday did we celebrate most recently?", "How many boy birthdays have we had?", etc. while they wait in line.  

Coming soon...a virtual tour of my entire classroom so you can see line up procedures and much more!!  Until then, here are some additional photos of the wall containing the birthday bulletin board.  Right next to the birthday bulletin board is a space for student artwork. 

My favorite feature of this bulletin board is the wooden chalkboard plaque right in the middle. 

Instead of stapling up new die cut letters for each art project, I am going to write titles and captions on the wooden  chalboard plaque. I am super excited about this time saving change!

Beside the artwork bulletin board is another board with a special events frame. It is our "Star of the Week" activity board. 

At the beginning of the year each family signs up for a week where their child will be "Star of the Week".  During that week, the student shares special toys, photos and books with the class.  Also, that week's "Star" family members can come visit the classroom.  It is great way to learn more about our little Buddy Bear Super Stars!! 

With that, I want to share my littlest Super Star, Payton.  

My classroom is one of his favorite places to go right now!!  Thankfully so, because it becomes our second home over the summer months as the preparation for the school year takes place. 

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