Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Celebrating Easter in an Early Childhood Classroom

For the past few weeks we have added a little challenge to our literacy center. I am a firm believer that students need a combination of structure and novelty. Think about yourself... if you do the same thing every day, you are bound to get a little restless and when students get restless out come the behaviors!

So here is the change. First, we added a small table to the space. 

Next, we added this work system schedule specific for the literacy center. 

It works similarly to the math system I showed you last week. The students read a story at their level from the leveled boxes in the bench seat.

Note: I purchase boxes that are half-sized at home depot so I can easily offer five levels of instruction. (Typically, level one has more interactive materials and requires a larger box for storage.)

The teacher then reads a theme book. The theme book is usually a repetitive story that works on concepts like letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. For example, during our healthy choices unit it was a book entitled Healthy Foods from A to Z and during our Valentine's unit it was 10 Little Valentines.

These are all stories I make on Boardmaker and have posted on Boardmaker Share. The reason they are Boardmaker stories is because after the students read the theme book each day, they have the opportunity to make one page in the story as a mini book.  This allows the student to have the whole concept book to take home and share with his/her family at the end of the unit.

You may be asking, "Wow, how do you manage that!?"  Well, it is actually quite simple with a little work system put in place for staff. 

This little container holds the pages that need to be done in the back. It has a tab for each of the students so as they finish a page we just file it behind their name. By the end of the theme, the whole book is in order behind the student's tab and just simply needs a few staples before going home! 

The book featured in this picture is Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom, What’s Behind the Numbered Room? It was part of our Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom theme and can be accessed on Boardmaker Achieve.

So here is a sneak peek into what our Easter story will look like!

This is the large version that will be read each day to the children during small group.
And here are a few pics of the smaller student version so you can see the entire story.

Note:  If you make class books on Boardmaker, you can easily adjust the size of the story to one page of the story fitting on each 8 ½ by 11 page or shrink it down so 2 or 4 pages fit on the page. All you do is select all the Boardmaker buttons you made and then hit control function to make the whole set bigger or smaller.

Also note that the egg stamp we used for this project is actually a holiday bingo dauber. 

My grandmother has gotten me a few of them on her bingo outings. And WOW!... do we love them! No mess but a lot of fun. Don’t have themed bingo daubers or an awesome grandma to get you some☺?  You can also use Easter stamps from Wal-Mart.

With Easter right around the corner, don’t forget to check out some of our previous Easter posts.

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