Tuesday, April 21, 2015

'Tree'mendous Treasures: Sports Review Boards

I am super excited to share the second post in my 'Tree'mendous Treasures series!

All you need is this product from my teachers pay teachers store and these sports shooters from the party favor section at Dollar Tree for a DOLLAR of course!!
Print the review boards you wish to work on with your students.  There is a basketball court, soccer field and baseball field for colors, shapes, numbers and letters. 

Simply find a box lid or cardboard flat 9 by 12 inches or cut one down to this size, add the printable of your choice and shoot away!  Have your students take turns shooting the ball and labeling the concept they landed on. 
If you have students who are nonverbal or do not label concepts with consistency, you can use the aided language boards below to help students communicate what they landed on.
If you have students who are beyond colors, shapes, numbers and letters, print the blank basketball court, soccer field and baseball field, and laminate and program it for your own needs.  I use a vis-a-vis marker or permanent marker and Oops cleaner to reuse the pages for various concepts. 
Students can also work on prepositions with the use of this page:
and the corresponding aided language board:

Or even better they can use these review boards to work on specific concepts: in and out, inside and outside, and on and off. 
Then communicate where it landed and graph their answers.
Need a new work task?  Bonus the sports shooters can be used for an assembly task:
Or for a sorting task (either errorless with a lid for the ball tokens or without the lid for more of a challenge):
And there you have it, 1 party favor from the Dollar Tree with over 25 ways to play!
'TREE' MENDOUS for many learners!


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