Friday, April 8, 2016

'Tree'mendous Recycling Work Basket

I am so excited to share my latest Dollar Tree find a recycling sticker set!  Great for Earth Day!

To ensure that the stickers could be reused, I laminated them with laminate paper and packing tape.  (Most of the stickers fit on one laminate sheet, rather than waste another sheet of laminate I packing taped the remaining 5.)

I then cut an opening in each recycling container's lid and attached an envelope to the back of each for sorting.  

And there you have it a great recycling task with multiple levels ...

Level 1- A Simple Put In  (There is only one can and the items that go in that can so a student who doesn't have the ability to sort recycling items yet and can be successful as all they have to do is put the items in the recycling bin, a great fine motor task!)

Level 2- A Put in with Some Pictures that Do Not Belong (I mixed a few other recycling items that aren't plastic in the bowl, students put them in the don't belong container as they find them.  Depending on the students level the pictures that don't belong may need to be more different than just another recycling item for example star or animal stickers.)

Level 3- Sorting Two Types of Recycling

Level 4- Sorting More Recycling Items In the photo below, I am featuring sorting all four types (paper, compost, aluminum, and plastic) but you could easily sort three types too.

And then a bonus!  Some FREE printable checklists I created to support students who need visual supports to help them sort!  (There is a checklist for sorting one item (from items that don't belong), two items and four items.  I simply printed them and put them in page protectors for students to use with a dry erase marker.  

Then I created this quick reference sheet for students who are readers but don't yet have the concept of what recycling goes where.  They can simply read the color coded chart to see where items go.  

Click here to access these printables, and head out to Dollar Tree to get the Learning to Recycle sticker set so you can get this workbasket already for Earth Day!

Until next time, Best wishes!


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