Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Adding a Number Line to Large Group Activities

By adding this plastic ball number line to our circle time activities, the students have gained an increased understanding of the number of weeks.

Each day when we get to the smartboard page representing number of week, our "Number Helper" counts out that number of balls on the number line.  My preference is to have the number line at the bottom of our dry-erase board so it's accessible to the students.  However, I've learned it needs to be out of reach during other times of the day as it can be a huge distraction.

To recreate the number line, use a fishing line & a needle to thread ball pit balls on the line. Be sure to leave excess fishing line to make it a hands-on, moveable counting line.

Instructor's Insight: If I remade this number line, I would have the balls be all one color so my students could focus on counting and not be distracted by the different colors. 

Inspiration:  My number line is actually a left over decoration from my son's first birthday, “Let’s Have a Ball!".  I got the idea from this awesome party planning blog called Sheek Shindigs.

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