Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Training Little iPad Users

When I first started using an iPad in the classroom two years ago, my husband came up with this amazing way to teach children how to use their index finger to point and touch.  Several of my students were getting frustrated as they did not have the concept of pointing and would try to operate it with their whole hand or both hands making it difficult and very frustrating for them. 

As my husband suggested,  I bought kid-sized cloth gloves and snipped only the index finger out.  The students wear the glove to hold and brace the iPad.  Since the iPad does not register the touch of the fingers covered in the glove,  the student also learn that only one finger is needed to use the iPad.

It works like a charm!!  Some students wear the modified glove on one hand and a complete glove on the other to work on using their dominate hand.  

Later, I modified another glove by sewing the pinky, ring finger, middle finger, and thumb slots together to support students in pointing with their index fingers. Thanks for the idea, Miss Dixie!!

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