Thursday, July 18, 2013

7 Day Work Task Challenge - Day 4: Counting & Color Matching Support

As I read through the disassembling and assembling section of the book entitled Visual Support for Children with Autism SpectrumDisorders: Materials for Visual Learners by Vera Bernard-Opitz and Anne Haubler, I found a way to put my husband’s golf obsession to good use!  When you buy a dozen golf balls, they often come in 4 sleeves of three balls each. This packaging makes for an excellent assembly task without much work at all. 

I purchased a bucket of colored practice balls and made one assembly task where my students have to fill all the golf ball sleeves with the same color balls. I added sticker dot numbers to the side of each sleeve so the student can count the number of balls. 

By adding marks to the bottom of the large box, the student can see how to pack the golf ball sleeves when they are finished.

To add a color sorting skill to the task, purchase multi-colored balls and add a piece of colored tape around the outside of each golf sleeve.  Ask the students to match the ball to the corresponding  golf ball sleeve. 

Big thanks to my husband and a family friend of ours for "lending" me your golf ball boxes!! What hobbies or items does your household have that could pay off in the work task department?

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