Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Valentines Blog Hop! 28 Days of Ideas, Tips, and Freebies from 28 Special Education Bloggers!

Happy Heart Month Considerate Classroom Friends!

Throughout the month of February, I am excited to give you 28 days of sweet treats (tips, ideas, and freebies) with the help of 27 amazing special education bloggers.

Starting tomorrow there will be a clickable image with 28 envelopes at the top of my blog. Each day one more special education blogger will have something wonderfully sweet to share.  You can simply click the envelope for that day to get your sweet treat.  Be sure to check back often as some of the blogs will be offering sales and freebies on their special day ONLY!  

NOTE: Considerate Classroom's special day is February 9th. I will be following the sweetness too and plan to send a reminder here and there throughout the month via Facebook. 

A special thank you to Traci Bender over at The Bender Bunch for organizing this sweet Valentine blog hop!

Happy Valentines!  With Love,



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