Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Fun April Fools Day Treat

I couldn't resist sharing this fun April Fools Day treat my son and I made for his first grade class!  All you need is a brownie box, brown construction paper, scissors, ribbon, paper, a writing utensil and a glue stick. 

Cut out brown letter E's and write a note saying April Fools! Brown letter E's for Brown-Es get it:)

Our note has an added message that states there are just enough 'Brown E's' for each student to take one home to play the joke on their families.

We also included extra (real) Brownies for the student to have a special treat after the April Fool's Brown- Es!  We simply wrapped them in a ribbon with a note that said "Happy Easter!"  I then sent EJ's teacher a note to let her know they were coming and to tell her to be sure to open the box on the top first (an empty brownie box with brown E's inside)!  Then the kids could have their real brownies.

I just love this April fools joke!  I only wish I would have thought of it last year when I had a classroom of my own.  We always use to go around giving staff holiday cards and special treats.  This one would have been a lot of  fun.  For students who were a little shy or had limited verbal communication we could have programmed a Big Mack button to say, "Would you like a brownie?" and then another button that said, "APRIL FOOLS!"

Happy April Fools Day! Hope your kiddos don't play too many jokes on you this year.  

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