Saturday, April 4, 2015

'Tree'mendous Treasures: 16 Leveled Work Tasks

Everyone who knows me, knows I am a Dollar Tree fanatic!  Between the teaching tree and the many aisles of toys the possibilities are endless so I am starting a new series, 'Tree'mendous Treasures!

First up, large coins from the party section and play money from the toy section. 

Simply download my free Money Sorting Work Task from Teachers Pay Teachers and you have 16 work tasks with different levels to play. 

TASK ONE: Coin Drop (this could be done with the large coins or the small ones)

TASK TWO: Errorless Size Sorting (I purposefully used a small can and a larger can.  The large coins only fit in the larger can to support success.  Increasing the probability that the students will sort correctly provides more opportunities for success!) 

Want more?  Change the size adjectives to teach other words that mean large and small.

NOTE: To be completely errorless, simply add lids that have a slit cut for the exact size of the large and small coins.

TASK THREE: Size Sorting (without an errorless component because the cans are the same size)

Again, with the option to change the size adjectives.

TASK FOUR: Sorting By Reading Words

 And again with the option of changing the size words.

TASK FIVE: Sorting Coins and Dollars (with three levels to play)

Match pictures to money

Match number values to money

Match number words to money

And there you have 16 work tasks using 2 products from dollar tree and this printable!
Stay tune for future 'Tree'mendous Treasures:)

Workbasket Wednesday at Autism Classroom News

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