Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Class-Made Staff Appreciation Holiday Cards

Several times a year, my class makes cards to recognize all of my colleagues who either directly or indirectly work with the students like custodians, bus drivers, school nurses, secretaries, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech language pathologists.    

Sometimes the class-made cards are given for a specific holiday.    It's just one way we express our appreciation to those who work with the students.  Not only is it a great exercise for our students in following directions to make a purposeful craft, but it also provides them with a social experience of greeting others and thanking them for what they do.  By doing this several times a year, we can see the progress our students are making with social skills. 

Last Christmas, we made our staff and helpers these Candy Cane Cards. 

On the outside the card read, “A Candy Cane a Day, Keeps Santa on his Way!” and on the inside it said “Thank you for always being so sweet to us!” Then, all the students signed the Holiday Card. Instructor's Insight: When we do class-made cards, I have all students sign the inside of a master copy using a fine-tip sharpie marker. Then, I copy the original for each card so the kids are not having to sign their names over and over again.  


The children work on their scissor skills to snip pre-marked white and red strips of paper.

Next, they practice their patterning skills by using a glue stick to glue them into the candy cane pattern on the card.  This was a craft adapted from kidsoup.com.  

On the inside of the card, I tape a candy cane.  You could also tape a candy cane pen.  (I found some of those after the season last year, but I will definitely be using them on future card!)

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