Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter-Themed ECSE Activity: "Where did the bunny land?"

Here is a fun, simple Easter activity that works on a variety of skills.  

All you do is take a blue piece of fun foam or construction paper and add green islands of grass on it.  If you use paper, you will probably want to laminate it so you can use it from year to year without having to remake it.  Then, you take a plastic bunny that hops and have the children push the tab to see if the bunny lands on land or water. What a great fine motor activity!!

These game pieces are available in the Easter section at most department stores. I actually bought mine at Dillon’s after the season one year for $0.50! 

Following each bunny hop, have your students work on their recall skills by using the bunny chart to show if their bunny landed on land or water.  Teacher's Tip:  I slide my chart into a page protector and then use dry-erase markers on it so it can be reused.   Send me an email if you would like a copy of the bunny chart. I would be ‘Hoppy’ to share! 

It can be great math practice too by asking the students to watch if the bunny lands on land or water more often.  

Happy Hopping!  

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