Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Workbasket Wednesday Link Up

This is my first time to join a linky party, but there is no better way to start than to do one with work baskets as the topic and one of my very favorite blogs, Autism Classroom News as the host! 

Work tubes, work baskets, or work boxes, whatever you want to call them.  The kids love them and learn a lot from them. 

Students and parents in our program are very familiar with them as they are one of the first activities we do with our students to encourage attention to task and support learning to learn skills.  It is amazing how quickly our little ones pick up on the structure of a work basket.  If the structure is there they will succeed!  Especially when it is a work basket of interest. 

Below are three of my favorites that I created specific for a little guy that is really interested in all kinds of sports balls.  Originally, he throw everything he could get his hands on, due to his extreme interest in balls, but as we got him interested in these and a few other ball activities I will share in a future post all the inappropriate throwing went away as he learned when throwing, kicking, bouncing and catching were appropriate and got his fix of doing all four. 

WORK BASKET 1: Soccer Ball Put In


This task is quite simple the student either puts in or flicks soccer erasers into the goal. I got the erasers from the dollar bins at Target and the soccer goal from the cake decorating section at a party store.  To save time I simply covered the box lid with Green Duct Tape and then Velcroed a plastic score goal on top.  Hint: I Velcroed the soccer goal on rather than gluing it so I can take it off to save room when storing it.


WORK BASKET 2: Where does it belong?


This task used the other three sports erasers in the set from Target.  I simply made a template with three different columns.  In one I put a baseball diamond, another a basketball court and then the other a football field.  The student sorted the balls by putting them in the correct hole.  TIP- One of my favorite boxes for tasks like this are kid’s Nike shoe boxes.  They are sturdy, and little for storing. 

WORKBASKET 3:  Who does it belong to?


This task simply involved making a second template with the people who play the various sports.  I removed the sport locations and googled images of a basketball, football, and baseball player to add to the second template.  I choose to make my sports players 2D as they stand upright with a Velcro tab at the bottom.   

And there you have it a two in one task.  I simply Velcro the second template over the box when we are ready to give the who does it belong to skill a try.

If anyone out there would like to give the Where does it belong and Who does it belong to sports editions a try in their classrooms, feel free to email me at and I will send you my template. 

Happy Workbasket Wednesday Everyone!  Whew---I just barely made it in by Wednesday:)



  1. I LOVE these! I have these same small erasers and have never thought to use them this way. Will be making these asap! :)

  2. Such an awesome post! I love these ideas! Thanks so much for linking up!
    Autism Classroom News

  3. I love this! My favorite is how you made a template to go ontop of the box. What a genius idea! Now my brain is full of ideas on how I could use a template so my boxes don't take up so much space. Whoo hooo!