Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Fun Freebie to Ring in the New Year!

Greetings, Considerate Classroom Friends!

I finally bit the bullet. I am on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Thanks to the encouragement of Cathy Stevens and a few friends.  I am totally in awe of what is out there.  Cathy, as well as so many others, have so many great products.  

So here goes my first Teachers Pay Teachers Product: Toot your horn to review and learn new concepts!

All you need is some party blowersvelcro coins, an empty oatmeal or peanut canister, two pieces of construction paper, scissors, ziploc baggies and this printable

Print a set of cards for each student.  In my classroom, I print concepts that each student is currently working on. For instance for a student who is at the beginning stages of learning numbers with a number recognition IEP goal, I might print numbers 1 through 5 and then print a few color cards for them as a review so they can be successful with some cards automatically.  

Next I put a velcro dot on the back of each card and put it in a baggy with a party horn that has the opposite type of velcro dot.  

Normally I put rough velcro on the card and soft on the surface to prevent kids from rubbing up on the surface of a cabinet, shelf, etc and getting scratched.  But in this case, I change it up to maximize my velcro usage.  For example, for one student's review card set I will do rough velcro on the cards and soft on the horn and then for the next student's set I will do the opposite so I don't run out of one type of velcro before the other.  

Next I put together a canister for sorting correct and incorrect answers.  Mine is an oatmeal canister but any large canister will do.  

One side says, "Yay! You did it." 
The other says, "Maybe next time."
The inside of the container has a piece of folded card stock to separate correct answers from incorrect answers for data collection and for a try again method.  

Below is a video of how to play and the method of trying again in a nonjudgemental way to support errorless learning.  The idea is to play in a fun way and help students not feel badly about their incorrect answers but rather re-answer with the correct response before finishing the activity.  

Okay, so I know what you might be thinking... I am suppose to make a set of cards for each student?!?  How do I have the time or materials I need for that?  Well, I will give you a little motivation. By having a set for each student you can send them home as a homework activity.  Speaking from a mom's perspective, it is nice to have 'fun' homework. The kids and the parents will appreciate it.  Send it home in a baggy with this note so parents know how to play the game.

Another option is to store the set for students to do during one on one direct instruction with a para or teacher.   Note: You can really review any concepts in this manner: math facts, sight words, spelling words, thematic vocabulary, the list is endless.  It could be great in a speech or ot session as well!  You can use it to review concepts and work on strengthening oral motor control.  

So there you have it a New Year's Freebie and my first Teachers Pay Teachers product.  Be on the look out for others.  Hang on tight folks, it could be a bumpy ride. Remember I have the tech skills of a preschooler.  (Okay, so maybe that is giving me too much credit! I think my three year-old son has actually surpassed my technology skills.)  

Best wishes, 

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